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Making A Difference: Unlocking The Potential Of Vegan Leather

When it comes to dynamism, the fashion industry certainly leads the way. It is one of the sectors that closely analyses the changing ways of the world and adapts to better serve consumers and their immediate interests, no matter the fact that these interests tend to change with every passing season.

The new priorities set by today’s fashion firms are proof of the sector’s steady evolution. Naturally, not all businesses have swayed from their conventional style. However, there are a few organizations in the industry that are actively adopting sustainable practices to ensure an inclusive future that holds equal respect for all - humans, animals, and nature alike. One of the ethical steps taken so far is breaking away from old patterns; for example, producing genuine leather from animal skin to make good quality products.

We, at Ethik, are standing at the forefront of the non-leather revolution in India. How? By embracing the undeniable beauty and impressive functionality of vegan leather.

What Is Sustainable Vegan Leather Made Of?

Microfiber | Vegan Material | Ethik

In its simplest sense, vegan leather is any material that looks and feels quite like leather but is made from resources that do not originate from animals. As such, it is also called faux leather, pleather, or synthetic leather. Any material whose production process does not involve causing harm to animals is vegan. The evolved versions of vegan leather make for a great alternative because it brings you the same quality, without any cruelty.

The most common alternative materials used are PU (polyurethane) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Brands that are striving to make good on their promise of sustainably are trying to develop improved PU as it is less damaging than PVC. However, some synthetics used to produce vegan leather are not entirely biodegradable. This is where plant-based alternatives work wonders. Cactus skin, apple peels, pineapple leaf fibers, cork, fruit waste, and recycled plastic can be used to create products that match the quality of animal skin-based leather, minus the cruelty.

Is Vegan Leather Durable?

Let’s take the example of our very own brand. Non-leather shoes by Ethik have better structural integrity than leather. We use high-quality PU and plant-based materials to make our products stylish yet sturdy. 

Manufactured in the most sophisticated and technically advanced factories in the world, our material has undergone consistent improvisations over the last 40 years. It has consistently racked up accolades and awards for its quality. It serves as a high-quality alternative with the structure and functionality of genuine leather through the application of chemical technology.

Is Vegan Leather Good Quality?

In an era fueled by innovation, automation and technological advancements, the ways of producing vegan leather fabrics are evolved enough to give you a leather-like look and feel - all without any harm to the animals.

The material used to make Ethik’s products is light, tough, flexible, and water-resistant. The material is so dynamic and versatile that it can be used for shoes, bags, school bags, sporting goods, jackets, sofas, and more. The products can be offered in an exhaustive range of finishes, textures, and colors with zero compromises on quality. You can be assured that the color will not fade or come off, even with consistent use.

Our microfiber material can be stamped, perforated, embossed, printed, laminated, and dyed in almost any color. Produced in state of art labs of the world's most developed economies our material is environmentally and animal friendly. Apart from having an elegant exterior, our material is stronger and lighter than real leather. Products made out of our material, have stood the test of time and immensely satisfied the users. We have witnessed customer success stories of our shoes and wallets lasting them years with hardly any wear and tear.

Tapping Into The Power Of Microfiber & Plant-cellulose

Today’s consumers are prioritizing the sustainability factor when it comes to fashion products. Given this rising trend, there is no denying that eco-friendly vegan leather is a grand aspect when speaking of the future of fashion. Vegan leather products are already making a buzz in the market, as they are genuine leather-free, and naturally cruelty-free.

At Ethik, we believe that fashion finds a way, despite the challenges or complexities. Our business and production practices are designed on the principle of sustainability and animal welfare, without compromising on style and quality. As such, we have been the brand of choice for those who believe in making sustainable, conscious, cruelty-free fashion choices. Our shoes, belts, wallets & accessories are of superior quality, ethically crafted & built to last.

By investing in Ethik products, you not only choose to play a part in saving an animal's life but also contribute to other significant causes like reducing water wastage, creating an ecosystem for leather alternatives, limiting the carbon footprint created by fashion, and leading a cruelty-free lifestyle, ever so stylishly.

Our belts are products of fine craftsmanship. The straps are first cut to perfection with neat edges and then secured together with high-quality adhesives. The perfectly fitted buckles add to their charm. They are available in a range of colors - brown, tan brown, dark brown, chocolate brown, and more.

Our wallets are 100% plant-based and they excel at it all - the looks, the function, and the build. They are the perfect blend of nature and design - incredibly functional and produced in attractive colors. They come with hand-aligned pockets for easy organization. Each one is finished with a hand-turned edge for durability, all while maintaining its lightweight feature.

Shop with Ethik, A Trusted Vegan Leather Brand in India

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Adhering to the rules of sustainability, Ethik is one of the leading vegan leather brands in India. Our non-leather shoes are intricately crafted, which makes them reveal their beauty with time. Built with sheer effort and a keen eye for each detail, every shoe will be a marvel to behold. We are also home to accessories - non-leather belts and wallets.

Our relentless pursuit of cruelty-free materials and sustainable products has won us many consumers across the globe who have now become lifelong loyalists. If you are looking to buy vegan wallets and belts online or buy vegan shoes online, feel free to browse through exclusive non-leather collections on our website.

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