FaQs. General Information

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Q. Do you ship to my country?

Yes, currently we deliver anywhere in India and UK. Kindly watch this space to know which new countries we start deliveries to in the future.

Q. Who are Ethik’s delivery partners?

We have tied up with some of the best-known logistics companies to ensure the quickest delivery anywhere in India.

Q. When will I receive my order?

We strive to process and ship orders as quickly as possible. Typically, orders are delivered within 4-7 working days for India and 7-15 working days for international orders, but please note that unexpected delays can occur.

Q. What are your shipping charges?

We don't charge you anything for shipping if shipping in India. Our prices are inclusive of shipping costs.

Q. Can you deliver my order to multiple addresses?

An order can only be delivered to one address only. To ship to different addresses you need to place a separate order.

Q. What does Ethik stand for?

Ethik is an India based Non-Leather Fashion Label for Men. Our merchandise is produced as a superior alternative to leather, thus bringing a shift in consumer perception towards the ecosystem. At Ethik, our ultimate objective is to replace leather in all walks of human life by bringing an ethical shift in the consciousness of the buyer. The focus is to encourage environmental empathy without compromising on fashion choices, quality & creativity.

Q. Is Ethik an Indian brand?

Yes, Ethik is a homegrown Indian brand, based out of Bengaluru.

Q. When did Ethik start its operations & what are the product offerings by Ethik?

Founded in 2012, Ethik started as a pioneer in Non-Leather Lifestyle products. Our first store at Church Street in Bangalore was a favorite of consumers looking for cruelty-free fashion. Our offerings included shoes, wallets, belts & accessories.

Currently, on our website, we have 5 types of shoes available: Business, Smart Casuals, Occasion, Club & Wedding

Q. What is special about Ethik products?

Our products are 100% leather-free & cruelty-free. We believe in Ahimsa & respect the fellow animals we share our planet with. Ethik endorses fashion that strikes a fine balance between traditional and modern, discreet and bold, with the only criteria for choice being good taste. Over the years, we have mastered the craft of quality shoe-making at Ethik, where each and every shoe is made with intricacy and detail in every step of the process using hand-selected rich and leather-free material.

Q. Do you take custom-fit orders?

We do not undertake custom-fit orders as of now. However, we do have a wide range of shoes which suit every occasion.

Q. Where can I write to the Ethik team for possible business partnerships?

We are constantly working on new partnership ideas and would love to hear from you. Please write to us at hello@ethikonline.com

Q. Do we have a physical store?

No, we don't have an experience center or a physical store anywhere in India. We're an E-commerce brand, and all our cruelty-free products are available online and that too on our brand website only, i.e. - www.ethikonline.com

Q. Are your products people-friendly as well as animal-friendly?

As a business driven by Ethics & Ahimsa, our products are absolutely leather-free. We as a brand are people friendly, worker-friendly, sweatshop-free & against animal cruelty. In a world full of leather products, Ethik is at the forefront of making non-leather the material of choice for the masses.

Q. What are the shoes made out of?

Ethik shoes are made out of 100% leather-free material, causing no harm to animals. This material is naturally water-resistant and durable.

Ethik Shoes are:

  • . 100% Leather Free
  • . Waterproof Collection
  • . Water-resistant Suede Material
  • . Fungus-free, Allergy-free
  • . Breathable
  • . Durable
  • . Stronger and lighter than real leather

Q. Aren't synthetic leather materials more or as harmful to the environment than real leather?

This is a common misunderstanding. Our merchandise is produced as a superior alternative to leather, thus bringing a shift in consumer perception towards the ecosystem. Over the years, alternatives to leather have come a long way and the products we use include a strictly regulated manufacturing process.