Mules For Men: A Complete Guide

Mules For Men: A Complete Guide

Today’s world of footwear fashion holds thoughtfully-crafted treasures for all its enthusiasts. When it comes to men’s footwear, we are all familiar with the all-popular pairs like oxfords, derbies, loafers, sneakers, and so on. However, there are a few unique shoe types that are occupying their rightful place alongside the good old classics. One of the most sought-after shoe types that men are now pairing with their outfits to make unique fashion statements is Mules.

Having said that, mules are not a new-age invention. This shoe type has quite an interesting origin history that dates to as early as the 15th century. Back in the day, these half-loafers were worn as bedroom slippers. During the 18th century, these pairs faded into the background as trends changed over time. However, they made a comeback in the 20th century with a more evolved version that was more fashionable, and not merely functional.

Yes, mules are a type of shoe that has existed for the last 2,500 years. However, in the world of modern-day fashion, they have only recently gained popularity. Unlike the ancient times, mules are now worn out in public. Most pairs are designed for special occasions as they are exclusively crafted in terms of designs and patterns.

In this blog we will explore the very essence of mules for men, starting with what mule shoes are, the types of mule shoes, and how can men best style them.

What Are Mules Shoes?

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The word ‘mules’ originates from the Ancient Roman word ‘mulleus calceus’ - a term that describes the purple and scarlet shoes used by the ruling Roman senators. The most distinctive feature of mules is that the pairs have a backless construction without any fastenings or restrictions at the heel, exposing the back of the foot.

Usually, mule pairs are not equipped with any cushion at the back to provide a little support to your heels. Some mules do feature a small platform that supports the heel to some extent. Another feature that makes mules a popular choice of slip-on is that the upper layer of the shoes is adorned with diverse ornaments like buckles, hooks, beads, embroidery, and such.

The intricate embellishments are the cherry on the cake; the true beauty of mules lies in their make. When it comes to causal events, mules are one of the go-to options available for men. The main reason for this is that they feature a unique slip-on design. The second reason is that they are simple to wear yet sophisticated in style, enough to be a significant addition to the overall attire.

Types Of Mules Shoes

Today, mules come in various heel lengths and sizes. You can also find them in different fabrics including suede, synthetic, and velvet. A quick google search can present you with an impressive range of vegan mules for men as well. The right choice depends on personal preferences and the outfit chosen for the occasion. Let’s take a closer look at the main types of mule shoes:

1. Capri Mules:

If you are looking for mules that will perfectly fit into attire assembled for a casual outing, then Capri mules are your best bet. They are the most comfortable choice among all the other mule shoe types. If you want a smart edge to your outfit, go for Capri mules with heel cushions.

2. Peep Toe Mules:

Want to make a lasting impression in a professional setting? If yes, then Peep Toe mules are the ideal choice. They look more sophisticated than Capri mules and hence are known to work well with office wear. This mule type can fall in the formal category as well.

3. Espadrilles:

Espadrilles are the types of mules that come under the casual shoe category. They are usually flat. However, with a little effort, you can find high-heeled Espadrilles as well, if the occasion demands. They have a flexible, rope sole and a cotton or canvas upper layer.

How To Style Mules?

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As trendy as they are, it can be tricky to style mules because of their backless construction. When paired well, they can be the perfect fit for casual settings like clubs with inviting dance floors, or date nights at lavish rooftops. The best way to style mules is to pair them with jeans, trousers, shorts, and chinos to put together an admirable casual look.

They are also a great choice for festive occasions. Mules with embellishments can go well with sherwanis or kurtas at traditional events like weddings. When it comes to strictly formal dress codes, it is best to turn to other alternatives. If you do choose to wear them at semi-formal business events or cocktail parties, make sure to pair them wisely. In this case, you can pair your mules with trimmed slacks or trousers.

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We are a brand that promotes the ‘style coupled with comfort’ trend. We do this by leveraging the features of quality material that enables our shoes to look good and feel even better. With durable material that is animal-cruelty free, our non-leather shoe pairs are stylish yet sturdy.

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This pair of mules outshines every other piece of footwear in nearly all settings. Crazy good, stylish, and powerfully domineering, it will help craft your unique style statement in any crowd. If you have an event around the corner where you want to make heads turn, order this dapper pair online today!

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