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A Quick Guide: How To Know Whether Shoes Are Vegan?

Today’s fashion industry is evolved to an extent where it offers something credible to all its consumers - be it the minimalists, the glam divas, the streetwear fan club, the vintage lovers, and the list goes on. This is the case especially for the ones who prioritize sustainable fashion, no matter their style. They can now choose from a range of products that are sustainable yet durable and stylish; designed to challenge the conventional ways that are less ethical.

When you think of products that are a fine result of eco-friendly practices, vegan shoes are one of the first things that come to mind. The million-dollar question here is - how to know whether the shoes are vegan. Let’s find out!

How To Identify Vegan Shoes?

Before we explore ways to identify vegan shoes, let’s take a quick look at the difference between vegan leather and genuine leather. This will help you better analyze your choices.

Genuine leather is produced from the skin of animals like kangaroos, elephants, zebras, bison, crocodiles, alligators, snakes, and more. As glaringly obvious as the reality is, we often tend to look away from the fact that leather is a by-product of the meat industry - a sector that thrives on animal cruelty owing to its nature. Producing leather from animal skin involves processes fueled by huge amounts of energy and harmful chemicals. Each step of the production process generates industrial waste and pollution.

Vegan leather is essentially a material that looks and feels much like leather but is made from resources that do not originate from animals. As such, it is also called faux leather, pleather, or synthetic leather. The evolved versions of vegan leather make for a great alternative because it brings you the same quality, without any cruelty. Synthetic materials like PU (polyurethane) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are commonly used to make vegan leather. Plant-based and recycled plastic can also prove to be more biodegradable alternatives.

Different shoe parts are produced separately and then stitched or glued together during the production process. As such, when you are in search of shoes that are vegan inside out, the first thing to ensure is that all parts of the shoes (inner linings, inner soles, the tongues, as well as the tabs) are made of synthetic or plant-based materials.

If any of the parts are carved out of leather produced from animal skin, the whole product falls under the leather shoe category, it cannot be labeled as vegan, not in the truest sense of the word. Here are some tips that will help make it easier for you to pick a truly vegan shoe pair:

1. The Secret Lies In The Symbols

The most important indicator is the symbol on the shoes. There are multiple symbols; each one represents the kind of material that the leather is made from. If it is made from genuine leather, you are sure to find a significant symbol that looks like the hide of an animal splayed out. The diamond symbol stands for other non-animal materials. The symbol featuring interwoven laces represents textiles. If you see both symbols (the diamond or the interwoven laces) on different shoe parts, then the shoe can be considered vegan. If it has a hide-like label, then it is made from real leather.

2. Know The Brand

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This tip applies to all kinds of fashion products - thorough research on the brand and its offerings always comes in handy. Today, most brands have excellent websites that feature all key information related to the brand - the origin story, the future vision, the product range they offer, and the testimonials. Navigating the website can help you take a closer look at the make and the material of the shoes. You can also find more information about how they are adopting sustainability throughout the product life cycle - right from the material chosen to the final production processes, and sometimes, even the packaging.

3. Always, Always Read Reviews

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Make sure to refer to the product reviews online. They are a blessing when it comes to investing in a product. The reviews will help you verify whether the product is all that it claims to be or not. This will also make it easier for you to place your faith in a certain brand. In some cases, you can also find customer reviews on the brand’s website itself. It is best to rely on reviews or testimonials from different sources. If they all vouch for the product, you can then choose to buy it without any doubts crowding your mind.

Buy Vegan Shoes Online - Shop With Ethik

Leather free shoes | Ethik

If you are looking for vegan shoes that are truly sustainable and stylish, you are sure to find them with Ethik - one of the leading vegan leather brands in India. Built with sheer effort and a keen eye for each detail, every shoe is a marvel to behold. Our non-leather shoes are intricately crafted, which makes them reveal their beauty with time. Here are five of our most sought-after pairs of vegan shoes:

1. Simplify:

This striking penny loafer is designed to win the room with its lustrous gloss alone. From the foundation to the details - each aspect is perfection redefined.

2. Chauvinist:

A pair that is a fantastic blend of comfort, style, and class (with matt variation); a complimentary shoe that reflects one’s unique style and unwavering confidence.

3. Aristo:

This one is a formal pair that is a perfect fit for parties as well. We have designed and built this whole cut Oxford with nobility distilled into every millimeter of the pair.

4. Happy Go Lucky:

This lace-up plain derby defines classic formal like no other. Thoughtfully designed and delicately adorned, it is comfortable and stylish - all at the same time.

5. Prince Offbeat:

This Derby is exclusively built for the Indian man in the new age. With elaborate detailing, a fantastic lining, and a mid-vamp, this one is what we call a show-stopper.

Manufactured in technically advanced factories around the world, our material has undergone consistent improvisations over the last 40 years. It has consistently won accolades and awards for its technology and quality. To know more about the make and material of our vegan shoes, browse through the exclusive collections on our website.

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