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Know How To Care For Vegan Shoes

As the demand for sustainable and cruelty-free fashion continues to rise, vegan shoes have gained popularity among consumers. Made from synthetic or plant-based materials, vegan shoes offer a cruelty-free alternative to genuine leather footwear, while bringing you the same quality, without any cruelty. However, to ensure that they stand the test of time, it is essential to care for vegan shoes properly.

Let’s first take a quick look at what vegan shoes are. They are shoes that are made from vegan leather - a material that looks and feels much like leather but is made from resources that do not originate from animals. Synthetic materials like PU or PVC are typically used to make vegan leather. Plant-based materials and recycled plastic are used in the making of vegan leather as well. As such, it is also called faux leather or synthetic leather.

If you are wondering - are vegan shoes durable? The answer is an absolute yes. For example, Ethik’s material is produced as high-quality man-made leather with the structure and functionality of natural leather through advanced technology. In this blog, we will explore some key tips on how to care for vegan shoes, to help you make the most of your pair.

Vegan Shoe Care Tips

1. Choosing High-Quality Vegan Shoes:

The first step in caring for vegan shoes starts with your initial purchase. Opt for high-quality vegan shoes made by reputable brands. Look for shoes constructed from durable materials such as synthetic microfiber, organic cotton, or recycled plastics. High-quality vegan shoes are not only more comfortable but also easier to maintain.

2. Regular Cleaning:

One of the most important vegan shoe care tips is regular cleaning. To keep your vegan shoes looking as good as new for a longer period, it is important to clean them regularly. Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your vegan shoes - remove any loose dirt and debris by gently tapping the shoes together or using a soft brush. Prepare a solution of mild soap or a dedicated vegan shoe cleaner and lukewarm water.

Dampen a soft cloth or sponge in the soapy water and gently wipe the shoe's surface. Be cautious not to saturate the shoe, as excessive moisture can damage some vegan materials. Make sure to rinse the cloth or the sponge with clean water. Do not leave any soap residue on the shoes. Allow your shoes to air dry, keeping them away from direct heat sources, as excessive heat can warp synthetic materials.

3. Stain Removal:

Accidents happen, and stains are an unfortunate reality. To remove stains from your vegan shoes, start by identifying the kind of stain you are dealing with. Use an appropriate stain remover or a mixture of water and mild soap to treat the stain. Dab the stain with a clean cloth or sponge gently. Avoid excessive rubbing because it may spread the stain further. Rinse the area with water and dab it with a cloth until it is dry.

4. Conditioning:

Some vegan shoes lack the natural oils found in leather, so it is important to condition them to maintain their suppleness. Start by purchasing a vegan shoe conditioner or opt for a natural alternative like coconut oil. Take a small amount of conditioner and apply it to a clean cloth.

Gently rub the conditioner onto the shoe's surface, focusing on areas that tend to dry out, such as the toes and heels. Leave the conditioner for a few hours to be absorbed properly. Remove any excess conditioner by wiping the shoes with a dry cloth.

5. Waterproofing:

To protect your vegan shoes from moisture and the elements, consider using a waterproofing spray or wax. Here is how you can make sure your shoes stay clean and dry - shake the waterproofing spray or wax well. Apply an even coat of the product to the shoe's surface. Avoid wearing the shoes until they are dry through and through. Reapply the waterproofing product as needed, especially after exposure to rain or heavy wear.

6. Storage:

Proper storage is essential for extending the life of your vegan shoes. To help maintain the shoe's shape, invest in quality shoe trees. Make sure to store the shoes in a cool and dry place. Keep them away from direct sunlight. Put your pairs in shoe bags to protect them from dust.

7. Rotation:

Wearing the same pair of shoes regularly can lead to quicker wear and tear. This is where rotating your shoes over regular intervals can be a good practice. This gives them some room to breathe and recover. This can also help to prevent odor build-up.

8. Repairs:

If your vegan shoes develop small tears or loose stitching, consider getting them repaired by a professional cobbler. They can often mend your shoes and extend their lifespan.

Caring for vegan shoes is a worthwhile task that not only preserves your shoes but also aligns with ethical fashion choices. By following this vegan shoe care guide, you can ensure that your vegan shoes remain stylish, comfortable, and durable for many seasons to come. So, invest in high-quality vegan shoes, clean them regularly, and protect them from stains and external elements that can damage them.

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