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How To Guide: Choose The Correct Shoe Size When Shopping Online

Gone are the days when footwear fashion meant prioritizing iconic styles and dominating trends above all else. Today’s world of fashion is steadily stepping away from ‘style over comfort’, and embracing the idea of ‘style laced with comfort’. Apart from an impressive make and dapper designs, consumers today are equally inclined towards considering the best shoes for feet and posture.

If you are a fashion enthusiast who is curious about how to find the right shoes for your feet, know that it’s all in the measurements and the material of the pair. This blog will bring you the necessary insights to help you find shoes that serve you well for a longer period. Let’s explore some tips for buying shoes online that are sure to come in handy.

Factors to consider when measuring your foot:

Measure your foot


  1. When buying shoes online, having the right measurements with regards to your foot length, width, and arc length is key. It is particularly important to know how long your foot is in centimeters. Make sure to always measure your foot size in centimeters and not inches. This will help you spot the right size on the conversion chart with ease.

  2. There is no universal shoe size standard out there. Most shoe brands have a generic size guide on their website. However, the sizes can vary from brand to brand. There are slight differences that you should be mindful of when shopping online. For example, a European shoe size of 39 is equivalent to an Australian 38 or US 11.

  3. It is also crucial to consider the recent measurements. Do not rely on the ones you took a few months ago. This is because one’s foot size can change over time owing to multiple factors including age, injuries, weight changes, fluid retention, and such. Taking foot measurements is something you can easily do at home. All you need is an A4 size paper, a ruler, and a pen. Follow the below-mentioned simple steps:

  • Gently place your foot on the paper.
  • Using the pen, put one dot where your heel ends, and another where your longest toe ends.
  • Using the rulers, measure the distance between these two dots.]
  • Get an estimate of your foot length in centimeters.
  • Follow the same process with your other foot.
  • Once done, you can refer to these accurate measurements to find your size in the brand’s conversion chart.


Here is Ethik’s shoe size guide for quick reference:


    Here are some more tips on what to consider when taking measurements:

    1. Take Measurements Later In The Day:

    Most people who are on the go throughout the day have some swelling in their feet by evening. As such, it is recommended to take measurements later in the day so you do not end up buying shoes that are a little tight.

    2. Stand When Measuring:

    Make sure to stand when you take measurements as your position affects the size and shape of your feet. Stand with your feet slightly spread out. The most effective way is to stand upright with your weight centered over your foot and have someone else make note of the size.

    3. Buy The Size That Fits Your Larger Foot:

    Fact remains that most body parts are not symmetrical; this includes our feet as well. One foot is usually a little larger than the other. Buying shoes that fit your larger foot is wiser as inserts can fill the extra room in bigger shoes, but there is no quick solution for a smaller fit.

    4. Half Sizes:

    If you are one of the people who have half-sized feet, be sure to shop from brands that have half sizes in their size guide. Do not go for a pair that is one size up as it can cause problems with the fit. In the case of half-sized feet, you can consider buying a model that is half a size up.

    5. Seasonality Factor:

    This might seem like a smaller detail but can make a significant difference. Consider the season when you are measuring to buy shoes online. When it is summertime, the feet are often swollen and hence, larger.

    It also helps to consider the correlation between the shape of the shoe and your foot. If you have your heart set on shoes that feature pointed cap toes, then choose a larger size as the models tend to be slightly smaller. If your foot is wide, opt for a pair with a seam at the widest part of your foot, and perhaps rule out exceptionally pointed shoes.

    Now that you have clarity on how to choose the right shoes for your feet online, let’s answer the second-most important question - where to buy quality shoes online? The answer to this is Ethik! We are home to some of the finest collections of non-leather shoes, ranging from casual to formal.

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    Ethik is a brand that promotes the ‘style coupled with comfort’ trend. We do this by leveraging the features of quality material that enables our shoes to look good and feel even better. With durable material that is animal-cruelty free, our fine pair of non-leather shoes are breathable, lightweight, as well as sturdy, and stylish.

    With modern shoe-making methods at our disposal, we focus on comfort and intent to guarantee the finest fit and quality. What sets our shoes apart are the sleek designs, iconic styles, intricate patterns, and precise linings. Here is a quick glimpse into how our flexible material outshines all the qualities that a leather shoe possesses:

    1. High-quality Alternative to Leather

    Our material is developed as a high-quality man-made leather with the structure and functionality of natural leather. It is light, tough, flexible, and water-resistant.

    2. Dynamic & Versatile:

    The microfiber material can be stamped, perforated, embossed, printed, and dyed in almost any color. Apart from having an elegant exterior, it is stronger & lighter than genuine leather.

    3. Award-winning & Eco-friendly:

    Manufactured in technically advanced factories of the world, our material has undergone consistent improvisations over the last 40 years. It has won accolades & awards for its quality.

    4. Tried, Tested & Universally Loved:

    Products made out of our material have stood the test of time. Our customer success stories are proof of our products lasting them years with hardly any wear and tear.

    To explore our range of premium non-leather shoes and place your orders online, feel free to browse through Pick your perfect fit, and we’ll bring it to your doorstep!

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