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Stride Stylishly: Types Of Shoes For Men

In a world where fashion resides in every corner, almost every online or offline footwear store is home to a diverse range of shoes - all with the potential of helping one make remarkable style statements. The frequent navigators of the fashion world are rightly spoilt for choice. However, this makes the task of selecting the right pair of shoes more challenging.

The first step to picking the right pair of shoes is knowing all your choices. In this blog, we will explore some of the best types of shoes for men, and when they can prove to be the perfect fit.

Shoes Every Style-conscious Man Should Own

1. Oxfords:

Chauvinist | Vegan Oxfords | Ethik

Oxfords are a fine example of dress shoes among the many you can choose from today. As such, these are one of the most popular types of formal shoes for men. For strictly formal occasions like business meetings or corporate conferences, oxfords are your best bet. They have no opening at the facing of the shoe, making them a sleeker choice as compared to open-laced shoes. You can pair them with a tuxedo or a simple suit.

2. Loafers:

The Walker | Most comfortable shoes ever | Vegan Leather Loafers | Ethik

With their semi-formal style, loafers are a must-have for people who have to strike the right balance between their corporate as well as leisurely lifestyle. They check two of the most important boxes - comfort and style. Loafers go beyond the purpose of being a favorite for casual occasions. They also are a perfect fit for smart-casual events like business brunches, evening soirees, or classic wedding celebrations. Despite being lace-less, most loafers can be paired with a suit as well.

3. Sneakers:
Sneakers - the very definition of casual shoes. The beauty of sneakers lies in the fact that they come in diverse styles ranging from simple to flamboyant. Want to get a coffee with some friends around the corner - an easy-going pair of sneakers can be paired with shorts, jeans, or chinos. The more modest sneakers can speak for your suave sense of style when paired well. Want to make a statement at a casual event? Choose from a funkier range of sneakers.

4. Derbies:

Prince off beat | Vegan Derby | Ethik

On the casual range, you can place derby shoes after loafers. Derbies are less formal as compared to oxfords. However, they can play the role of dress shoes perfectly well when paired well with sharp suits (perhaps not tuxedos). With derbies at your disposal, you have a pair handy for semi-formal occasions as well as a more relaxed look for weekend getaways. In a general sense, it is best to keep it casual when it comes to a pair of derbies

5. Brogues:

Aristo | Vegan Oxford with Brogues | Ethik

If you are someone who has a soft spot for dress shoes, then a pair of brogues deserves all your attention. What sets them apart are the stylish patterns that feature intricate detailing in the form of perforations. Even the finest of details on these shoes can make a big difference when paired fashionably with the right outfit. Brogues are also called wingtips as the two main styles (longwings and short wings) have decorative wings peeking out from the toe of the shoe.

6. Chukkas:

Chukka shoes | Ethik
Being one of the versatile shoe types, chukkas bring you the best of both worlds - dress shoes and casual shoes - so much so that they are known to be the very first shoe types that best define the dress-casual category. On the formality range, chukkas come after brogues but certainly before sneakers. The right pair of chukkas can be paired with a suit as well as denim and a t-shirt. Add a layer like a bomber jacket to casual attire, and you are sure to make heads turn.

7. Monk Straps:

Suave Monk | Grey Vegan Monk straps | Ethik

The origin of these shoes can be traced back to 15th-century Europe. Over time, these shoes have evolved into a versatile choice fit for multiple occasions. Given that monk straps come with no lacing, they are a less formal option than oxfords. They have to be secured on the feet by one or multiple buckles and straps. The straps fold over the vamp and are fastened at the ends by buckles. It is best to pair monk straps with semi-formal attires featuring blazers, tweeds, or suits.

8. Chelsea Boots:
Chelsea boots are your answer if you are looking to give an urbane touch to your look. These close-fitting, ankle-high shoes are equipped with a flexible side panel that enables you to pull the boot up effortlessly. The saga of Chelsea boots began in the Victorian era and has continued to impress through decades. Usually carved out of leather-like material or suede, the boots are now globally popular. They work best when paired with trousers, an oxford shirt, and a blazer.

9. Venetian Loafers:

Phenomenon | Vegan Venetian Loafers | Ethik

Perfect for formal events and settings, Venetian loafers are simple yet suave. Some of the Venetian loafers are also called smoking or dinner slippers. These are one of the rare shoe types that usually keep away from casual styles. They primarily cater to complementing formal attires. Despite having the term ‘loafers’ in their name, they are best worn on grand events that spell luxury and finesses; and hence, are designed for formal occasions. 

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