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Accessorizing 101: Belt Rules Every Man Should Know

It is often the small details that bring the desired charm to an outfit. In the world of new-age fashion, every little accessory has a role to play in the grander scheme of things. When it comes to fashion accessories for men, belts certainly take the crown, and for all the right reasons.

The beauty of a belt lies in the fact that it has a functional as well as an aesthetic appeal. It is one of the accessories that has stood the test of time and survived many fashion revolutions spanning centuries. Some archaeological findings show that belts have been a common accessory among our ancestors since the Bronze Age (3300 BCE and 1200 BCE). This vouches for the significance of belts and their consistent contribution to the evolution of fashion.

Today, fashion enthusiasts can find the right belt for every attire and every occasion. From diverse sizes to patterns to finishes, men of the fashion world are certainly spoilt for choice in the matter of bettering an outfit with a belt. However, they can only best serve their purpose when paired well with any given attire. In this blog, we will get familiar with belt rules every man should know if they aspire to ace the accessory game. Let’s explore some of the must-know belt rules for men, along with some tips on how to wear belts, the right way.

Top 9 Belt Rules For Men

 Belt Rules Every Man Should Know | Vegan Belt | Ethik

 1. Variety:

As with any other important accessory, one belt is never enough, especially if you attend diverse events. It is best to stock your wardrobe with different types of belts that serve different occasions. Buy a tan, black, and dark brown belt to look your finest at dressy or casual events. You can keep a range of casual belts handy (braided, fabric, glossy) if you are an outgoing person.

2. Length:

If you are wondering - how long should a belt be or how far should a belt extend past the buckle, this tip is for you. The length of a belt is ideal if you can fasten it comfortably using the middle hole or the third hole. Make sure to get a belt that is two times larger than your waist size. If your waist size is 34, then the belt should be 36 inches long.

3. Width:

The width of the belt should be proportionate to the belt loops on your pants. Generally, belts between 1.25 to 1.5 inches (3.2 to 3.8 cm) in width are considered standard and versatile for most casual and formal outfits. For formal occasions, the thinner the belt the better it will fit in the overall attire. Save the wider belts for casual events.

 4. Color:

Consider the color tones of the entire outfit to pick a belt that best compliments it. Choose a color and material in accordance with the tones. For business attire or dressy events, a classic black or brown belt is a perfect fit. For events that are not strictly formal, you can try other solid-colored belts as well. For more casual events, feel free to experiment with different colors and materials, such as suede, fabric, or patterned belts.

 5. Material:

Invest in belts that speak for your sense of style as well as your love for sustainability. Consumers of the fashion industry are now more conscious of the choices they make. As such, brands today are making an active effort to make good on their promise of adopting eco-friendly practices. If you look in the right places, you can choose from an iconic range of non-leather belts that bring you the same leather-like quality, minus the cruelty. 

6. Match the belt color with the shoe color:

The color of your belt should closely match with the color of your shoes, if not the exact shade. Keep the shades and finishes in sync to help create a polished look. For example, pick a back suede belt to match your black suede shoes. To make this task easier, buy belts that feature common colors like dark brown and black.

7. Match the belt texture with the shoe finish:

It is important to make sure that the finish of your belt matches with that of your shoe. If your shoe has a glossy texture, then your belt must feature the same. The same rule applies to other textures like suede and fabric. Playing close attention to the finishes and weaves on belts can help enhance the overall charm of the outfit.

8. Match with other Accessories:

The little details always make a big difference. Match the color of the belt buckle with that of the other accessories like your watch, cufflinks, any metal bits on your shoes, buttons on the suit, and such. If your shoes feature any metal embellishments that are golden, then your belt buckle should ideally be of the same color.

All things being said and done, the rules above are not set in stone. While it is always safe to play by the book, you can always make little adjustments according to personal preferences. In the new world of fashion, there is always room to experiment as long as you have a good sense of style. The ultimate goal is to look stylish as well as feel comfortable in the attire.

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 Belt Rules Every Man Should Know

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