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Fashion Folks, Buckle Up: Vegan Belts Are Here!

Gone are the days when external beauty was a prerequisite for a charming personality. Thankfully, there are more progressive categories today on the basis of which people form a fair perception of us - our ethics, our behaviour (especially towards those less fortunate), our generosity, ideologies and beliefs; and last but not least - the way we carry ourselves.

This is where fashion comes to the rescue. Since its very inception, this dynamic industry has seen a lot of controversies and revolutions; the latest being that of responsible or suitable fashion. The concept allows you to be your stylish self without bruising your conscience. How? The processes involved in the making of ethical products have fewer adverse effects on the environment and cause no harm to other species of animals. They are completely leather-free, and consequently cruelty-free, in their truest sense. One of the ideal examples of this is - Sustainable Vegan Belts!

If you wish to be the style guru in your circles, designer vegan belts that are sustainable yet sturdy are here to your rescue. Let’s discover why they are the talk of the town, and if they are here to stay.

Do Vegan Belts Deserve A Spot In Your Closet?

The most sought-after belts are the ones born out of genuine leather. But, today’s evolved consumers are looking for sustainable alternatives. This is where vegan belts present themselves as the ultimate solution; more so for fashion enthusiasts who also have a soft spot for nature, and everything that it shelters. Since it is fairly new to the market, it is only obvious for one to have concerns regarding the concept.

What belts are vegan? What are vegan belts made of? Do vegan belts last? If you find your mind crowded with these questions, this blog will help you do away with your lingering doubts! Let’s start with what these new-age belts are, and then move on to analyse their many advantages.

Most sustainable vegan belts, when treated with care, can serve you well for a long time. The best part is that the material comes in a range of finishes, colours & textures - get ready to be spoilt for choice! The leather-like material is then carefully cut to perfection with neat edges & perfectly fitted buckles. Some of the key features are:

 Vegan lifestyle


- No animal testing and cruelty

- 100% free from animal ingredients (wool, silk, leather, down, fur)

- Use of innovative, all-natural materials

- A production process that doesn’t require excessive chemical usage

- Resource-saving value chain

Now that we have clarity on the make of the belts, let’s move on to the primary benefits that it brings to the table:

1. Animals, Running Wild & Free:

Producing vegan leather means a consequent decrease in cattle farming. The vegan leather generation does not call for animal skin; meaning that they can be safe and sound in the shelters. In addition, raising livestock generates 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions that are very bad for the environment. About 92% of fresh water is used for farming purposes, and 1/3rd of it is used for rearing livestock and manufacturing animal products. With no livestock involvement, vegan leather benefits the environment in its own subtle way.

2. Making The Right Choice, Made Easy:

Most people are aware of ethical fashion choices. Why is it then that they choose to not opt for it? Fact remains that taking the right path was not always easy. Initially, there were questions of affordability, authenticity and availability. Today, there are quite a few honest brands out there that create products for you to enjoy the best of both worlds - of style and sustainability! How? Vegan products! Open your closet doors to vegan belts and embrace your flair for fashion without the frustration of having hurt someone in the process.

3. Stay In Vogue:

A conscious choice does not have to mean that you have to compromise on quality, durability, or good looks. The world of fashion has evolved in a way that you can have your cake and eat it too. The cherry on top? It all comes at reasonable pricing. Plus, with so many people calling for sustainable alternatives, vegan belts are set to be in trend for years to come. Stay ahead of the curve with Ethik, your go-to brand for vegan fashion.


Order The Best Vegan Belts For Men Online From Ethik


35mm Vegan Belt by Ethik


If you are looking to buy vegan belts in India, Ethik is where you will find the best of the lot. Our material comes with inherent qualities like durability and aesthetic appeal. If taken care of as advised, and pampered every once in a while, the belts can serve you well for a long time. Wipe off the dust regularly and avoid scratchy surfaces to make sure your belt looks brand new, even after many months of use.

There are few materials that can be moulded into various styles & designs. The high-quality PU used to make our belts are versatile enough to be offered in an exhaustive range of finishes, textures and colours. All this with zero compromises on quality, so you can be assured that the colour won't fade nor come off over time.

Although our casual and formal belts take a minimal approach in terms of appearance; each piece is a product of fine craftsmanship. It involves intricate work and finishing that spells finesse. The straps are first cut to perfection with neat edges and then secured together with high-quality adhesives. The perfectly fitted buckles add to their charm. They are available in a range of regal colours as well - brown, tan brown, dark brown, chocolate brown, and more. If you often have a tough time deciding on a colour, here’s great news for you - some of the belts are reversible too!

No matter the occasion, your outfit paired with our vegan belt is sure to make heads turn. They are all washable and come with a warranty of 2 months. Browse through our collection, place your order online, and get ready to personify dapper!

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