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Best Belts For Men: How To Search & Where To Find Them?

Be it age-old attires or modern-day ensembles, fashion has always been an elaborate affair. It is about the finest of pieces coming together to make heads turn. The evolution of fashion has only made it more evident that style is just as much about the accessories as it is about the clothing. They are not mere details that can be overlooked, but rather serve as necessary additions that can give an outfit a winning edge.

For decades now, one of the most common accessories has been Belts. The beauty of some of the best belts for men is that they have both functional and aesthetical appeal. The journey of this all-popular accessory began during the 19th century. Back in the day, a belt was primarily a decorative aspect or a serviceable part of military uniforms. Today, it is a common accessory that completes the look when paired correctly. Belts are a must-have in the corporate world where outfits have to spell smart.

When it comes to belts, there’s a treasure trove out there to choose from. This fashion accessory segment is so vast that you will find not just different types of belts, but also multiple types of belt buckles. So, how and where to find the best belts for men? This blog will serve as the ultimate guide to bring you insights on how to buy men's belts. Here are the key factors you must consider when buying a quality belt.

How To Find The Best Belts For Men?

1. Belt Size & Fit Matters:

The first essential step to finding the right belt is determining the proper size for you. Any and every belt comes with multiple holes to serve different body types and sizes. They allow you to wear pants of various thicknesses as well. Ideally, you would want to wear your belt in a way that the buckle pin goes exactly through the middle hole.

Make sure to leave enough length after fastening to tuck the belt under the first belt loop. Having the tip of the belt hanging can come across as lazy fashion, especially in formal settings. The best way to determine your belt size is to simply add two or three inches to your pant waist size. If the waist size is around 34 inches, then a 36 belt size should be the right choice.

2. Belt Types - Classic Or Casual:

Coming to belt types, there are two primary categories - Classic Belts and Casual Belts. Classic belts as essentially formal belts that best fit into a corporate look. More often than not, these belts are made of leather or leather-like material. They are designed to be the best belts for suits.

Unlike formal belts, casual belts are born out of a wide range of materials, such as polyester, nylon, wool, or leather. They also come in a variety of colors. Casual belts serve as the best belts for jeans, and other casual daily attires. Some belts are a blend of casual and classic - a braided leather belt works well with both types. It also allows you to fasten the belt at any point of the length where it fits well, making them the most comfortable belts of all types available today.

3. Look Into Buckle Types:

From simple frame buckles, to box frame buckles, to reversible buckles, to click-on buckles - buckles come in diverse types. They also vary in color with the most common being hues of silver and gold; the rare ones being matte or shiny black.

The buckle can determine the nature of the belt - either formal or casual. The bigger the buckle the less formal the belt is. As such, dress belt buckles are usually small and flat with a common shape. If your outfit features adornments like cufflinks or a tie clip, then the buckle should be of the same color. You certainly get more room to experiment with buckles with casual outfits, for example opting for the two-prong buckles in matte colors.

4. Belt Edge & Tip Styles:

There are 4 belt edge styles you can choose from. Plain straight edges are on the causal side of the range. Flattened edges with stitching are designed for a polished look. Flattened edges without the stitching and straight edges with stitching are modern belt styles. The best part about them is that they look classy but don’t necessarily fall into the formal category.

As for belt tips, there are again 4 key types - pointed, trapezoid, straight, and rounded. Classic belts feature pointed and trapezoid belt tip styles. A straight finish makes for a modern touch. Rounded finishes are rare and are generally found on women’s belts.

That’s about how to pick the perfect belts for men. The next important question is - where to find them online. If you simply type in ‘most comfortable belts’ or ‘luxury belts for men in the Google search bar, you are sure to be presented with tons of options. While these choices crowd your screen, do not let them fluster you. Trust Ethik to help you make a style statement, each time you step out wearing our premium non-leather belts.

Buckle Up With Ethik - Best Belts for Men

Reversible Vegan Belt | Ethik

The high-quality microfiber used to make our belts are versatile enough to be offered in an impressive range of finishes, textures, and colors. The material comes with inherent qualities like durability and aesthetic appeal. All this with no compromise on quality, so you can be assured that the colors will not fade with time.

With a minimal approach in terms of appearance, each piece is a product of fine craftsmanship. The straps are first cut to perfection with neat edges and then secured together with strong adhesives. The perfectly fitted buckles add to their charm. Our non-leather belts are available in a range of regal shades of brown and black. If you often have a tough time deciding on the styles and colors, here’s great news - apart from 30mm slim belts, we have an exclusive range of 35mm reversible belts as well.

What are you waiting for? Browse through our collection of iconic non-leather belts, pick your perfect fit, and place your order online. Your go-to accessory will be delivered to your doorstep.

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