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Accessories Every Man Should Own In The New World Of Fashion

Today’s fashion world has exciting avenues for all; one only needs to know how to tap into these opportunities to stride stylishly. The men of the new world are marching at the beat of their own drums and making fashion statements in every space - be it personal, professional, or social. So, what does it take to stand out from the crowd, and fashionably so?

Yes, the clothing matters the most. However, there is more to fashion than simply putting the right pieces from your wardrobe together - the right set of accessories can make a significant difference as well. Today, the fashion market features diverse branded accessories for men. In fact, the vast range of adornments available has paved the way for an all-new styling sector dedicated to designing accessories every man should own.

If you are new to this facet of fashion, this blog is sure to come in handy. We have curated the ultimate men’s accessories list featuring fashion items every man should own.

Top 7 Accessories Every Man Should Own In 2022

1. Shoes:

Out of the Blu | Vegan lace-ups | Ethik

When it comes to outfits that outshine all others in a setting, the right choice of shoes is surely one of the key deciding factors. Selecting the right pair is just as important as picking clothes to assemble the ideal outfit.

You have to make sure that your shoes complement your clothing, and are in line with the theme or setting of the occasion. For those who love shelving iconic shoes in different styles, there is a wide range covering casual and formal events, to name a few - derbies, oxfords, brogues, sneakers, loafers, monk straps, chelsea boots, and the list goes on.

2. Belts:

Vegan Belts | Ethik

Unlike old times, belts now have both functional and aesthetical appeal. They are one of the most common accessories, especially when it comes to formal occasions or corporate office attires where outfits have to spell smart.

Unlike formal belts, casual belts are born out of a wide range of materials, such as polyester, nylon, wool, or leather. Casual belts serve as the best belts for jeans. Some belts are a blend of casual and classic - a braided leather belt works well with both types. When it comes to belts, there’s a treasure trove out there to choose from. In addition to a wide range of belts, there are multiple types of buckles as well.

3. Wallets:

Natura | Vegan Wallets | Ethik

Wallets are first and foremost, an essential accessory. It is one of those compact accessories that is home to multiple items including cash, credit and debit cards, ID proofs, business cards, health-related documents, spare keys, and the list of these little yet important things goes on.

Apart from its functional qualities, today it also counts as something that can contribute to the bigger style statement. A quick google search for the absolute best wallets for men will lead you to multiple brands offering a diverse range of wallets born out of cruelty-free materials - all in iconic styles, a wide range of colors, and intricate patterns.

4. Watches:

Much like wallets, watches have been a must-have for decades, especially for the on-the-go professionals and those who are never a minute late, or early. In today's digital world, watches are one of the few traditional accessories that have stood the test of time and have beautifully evolved to adapt to the changing world.

Even the most conventional watches like analog, mechanical, or kinetic, are still very much in demand. When chosen in accordance with the occasion and the outfit, they not only give an extra edge to the entire attires but also represent your sense of time and due respect for it, more so in professional settings where, as they aptly say - time is money.

5. Ties:

The tale of ties dates back to the 17th century when the French hired Croatian mercenaries who wore traditional knotted neckerchiefs around their necks as part of their uniform. Today, a tie is an accessory that can redefine style as well as represent status. It can pull an outfit together like no other.

When it comes to this suave accessory, there are so many styles to choose from that it leaves one confused - the sevenfold tie, skinny necktie, four-in-hand necktie, cravats, and so on. Each one with the potential to give a subtle yet smart touch to the attire when paired correctly with the chosen outfit in terms of colors and patterns.

6. Sunglasses:

A stylish pair of sunglasses is the ultimate accessory for sunny days when the skies are a clear blue canvas. Shades equipped with the UV protection feature are quite the multitaskers - not only do they protect your eyes from the raging afternoon sun, but they also help you impress at brunch outings, pool parties, or beachside bonfire get-togethers.

Investing in a quality pair of shades, ones with polarized lenses, can also help keep those glares at bay while driving. From timeless classics like aviators to abstract frames like octagonal or butterfly - there is a lot of fashion experimenting that can be done with sunglasses based on the occasion.

7. Scarfs:

Speaking of seasonal accessories, scarves are a great pick when it comes to winter styles. They are no longer an accessory reserved for women. When worn correctly and with the right outfit, it can serve the men of the fashion world quite well.

Not only do they keep you warm and cozy during winters, but they also vouch for your bold sense of fashion. Contrary to popular belief, scarves can be a part of diverse outfits - they can work well with an unbuttoned blazer, casual jacket, or a pea coat. If you are aiming for a more corporate look, you can opt for a thin cashmere scarf up in a Parisian knot.

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With an impressive range of premium shoes, wallets, and belts - all carved out of non-leather materials, Ethik is one of the best men's accessories brands today.

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At Ethik, we leverage shoe-making methods that have been forwarded down through generations of artisan shoemakers. With a focus on comfort and intent to guarantee the perfect fit and highest quality, we bring you vegan shoes in sleek styles and impressive patterns with precise linings. With durable material that is animal-cruelty free, our fine pair of non-leather shoes are breathable, lightweight, as well as sturdy.

Ethik Belts:
Although our casual and formal belts take a minimal approach in terms of appearance; each piece is a product of fine craftsmanship. The high-quality microfiber used to make our belts is versatile enough to be offered in a brilliant range of finishes, textures, and colors. All this with zero compromises on quality, so you can be assured that the color will not fade over time.

Ethik Wallets:
Our exclusive collection of wallets is made from eco-friendly and sustainable plant-based material. They outperform most qualities that your average leather wallet offers. They are the perfect blend of nature & design - incredibly functional and produced in attractive colors. Crafted with a grainy texture, they come with hand-aligned pockets for easy organization.

Browse through our thoughtfully-curated collection to pick out accessories that can help you up your fashion game and steal the spotlight at any and every event.


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