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Shoe Buying Guide For Men: Picking The Right Pair Made Easy

The world of fashion has come a long way and is no longer a feminine concept. Today’s market caters well to consumers from all age groups and answers to the calls of diverse genders. More and more men are now embracing different styles and leveraging everything that the sector has to offer, especially essential accessories like shoes.

From formals to casuals, with distinct colors and patterns, as well as different makes and materials - there is a treasure trove out there to choose from. However, this is where things get tricky for men with a soft spot for a well-carved pair of shoes. With so many options flooding the footwear market, it is only natural to wonder how to buy shoes, the right ones.

After picking the ideal clothing, the next important thing is settling on the right pair of shoes. Most of us do not dedicate as much time to selecting the right shoes as we do to clothing. However, the best shoes for events are just as important if you aspire to assemble the perfect attire. You have to ensure that your shoes complement your clothing. After all, attention to small details makes the bigger picture better. If you are wondering how to choose the right shoes for your feet online, we present to you - the ultimate shoe buying guide.

7 Tips: What To Look For When Buying Shoes For Men?

1. Measure Your Foot Accurately:

When buying shoes (especially online), having the right measurements with regard to your foot length, width, and arc length are important. Make sure to always measure your foot size in centimetres and not inches. This will help you spot the right size on the conversion chart with much ease.

Most shoe brands have a generic size guide on their website. However, the sizes can vary from brand to brand, there are slight differences that you should be mindful of. It is also crucial to consider the recent measurements. This is because one’s foot size can change over time owing to multiple factors including age, injuries, weight changes, fluid retention, and such.

2. Pick Pairs According To The Occasion/Event:

Weekend getaways with your friends or a day at the beach with your loved one - occasions like these call for a look laced with a subtle style statement. Nothing spells casual better than a classic slip-on like loafers. Chelsea boots and sneakers are also known to fit right into a relaxed dress code.

On the other hand, elegant formal footwear can help take on the corporate world with confidence. A plain oxford or derby is the perfect choice for formal occasions. In addition, darker shades hint at a more professional occasion whereas the lighter ones sport a casual aura.

3. Explore Different Types Of Shoes:

Sneakers, Chelsea Boots, Loafers, Oxfords, Brogues, Sandals, Derbies, Monk Straps - there is a wide range for men to choose from when it comes to formal as well as casual shoes. The right pair ultimately depends on the dress code that the occasion demands. Loafers are a popular choice when it comes to formal shoes.

Their lace-less feature makes them one of the most comfortable options. For strictly formal occasions, oxfords are your best bet. Be it a tuxedo or a simple suit, oxfords are perfect for dressy codes. Derbies are a less formal option as compared to oxfords. If it is fine intricate detailing that you are looking for in a shoe pair, then turn to brogues (also called wingtips). Each type of shoe brings its own charm to the table.

4. Take Note Of The Shoe Finishing Quality:

The make and the finishing of the shoe are two factors you must consider before buying it. Ultimately, it is the finishing that gives a shoe pair its unquestionable exterior appeal. When done with precision, it can complement the build of the shoe and give it an aesthetical upgrade, making it an inviting choice. It defines the final color and texture of the outer skin of the shoe.

The better the foundation and finishing of the shoe, the longer it is likely to serve you. Technically speaking, the finishing process can sometimes include trimming and buffing of the sole edge and heel as well.

5. Do Not Settle For Less:

Not all of us are born with the ability to find the right fit in the first go. Amidst the confusion caused by promising options and the voice in our heads that is desperately asking us to “just pick one already”, you might end up with the wrong shoe pair. 

Always make sure to take your time. A pair can last you for a long time when you use and maintain it as recommended. While you are out exploring, you can also tap into sustainable footwear. Today, you will find vegan footwear that is just as durable and stylish as any other traditional material; they also come in multiple colors and finishes. Browse through Ethik collections, and see for yourself - the options are truly tempting.

Buy Shoes Online From Ethik: Stylish, Sturdy & Sustainable

The Walker | Vegan Loafers | Ethik

If you are looking to buy vegan shoes online, Ethik is your best bet. We are a brand that promotes the ‘style coupled with comfort’ trend. We do this by leveraging the features of quality material that enables our shoes to look good and feel even better. With durable material that is animal-cruelty free, our fine pair of non-leather shoes (slip-on and lace-up) are breathable, lightweight, as well as sturdy.

With modern shoe-making methods at our disposal, we focus on comfort and intent to guarantee the finest fit and quality. What sets our vegan footwear apart are the sleek designs, iconic styles, intricate patterns, and precise linings. Here are some of the most popular choices from our premium non-leather shoe collection:

  1. The Walker: If comfort had a form, it would be The Walker. Well built, cushioned & comfortable, the pair comes in 7 trendy colors.

  2. Aristo: This one is a formal pair that is a perfect fit for parties as well. We have designed and built this whole cut Oxford with nobility distilled into every millimetre of the pair.

  3. Happy Go Lucky: This lace-up plain derby defines classic formal like no other. Thoughtfully designed and delicately adorned, it is comfortable and stylish - all at the same time.

  4. Out of the Blu: Our navy blue, whole-cut oxford pair is carved out of suede material. It is decorative enough to make an occasion successful all by itself.

  5. Blend: This semi-formal pair of mules outshines every other piece of footwear in nearly all settings. Powerfully domineering, it will help craft your unique style statement in any crowd.

What are you waiting for? To explore our range of premium non-leather shoes and place your orders online, feel free to browse through Ethik’s website - where your perfect fit awaits you.

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