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All About Monk Strap Shoes: Origin & Types

Sneakers, Chelsea boots, Monk Straps, Loafers, Oxfords, Brogues, Sandals, Derbies - there is a shoe pair out there for every occasion. Today, there is an abundance of footwear choices for fashion enthusiasts who aspire to make style statements with every attire they assemble.

While each shoe type has been designed with a purpose, not all have evolved to best serve the changing trends and the dynamic patterns of fashion enthusiasts. Of all the types that made an appearance throughout history, only a handful have stood the test of time; Monk Strap shoes are one of the finest examples.

What Are Monk Strap Shoes?

An all-popular choice in today’s world of fashion, monk strap shoes are age-old yet new-age. The beauty of these shoes lies in their make, especially the buckles that hardly go unnoticed given their shiny nature. Monk Strap shoes do not fall entirely in the formal category as they come with no lacing. They are essentially slip-on shoes; but they also feature the tongue and vamp - two key traits of any and every lace-up shoe. As such, the best part about these shoes is that you get the best of both worlds - oxfords and loafers.

As the name suggests, Monk Strap shoes have to be secured on the feet by one or multiple buckles and straps. The straps fold over the vamp and are fastened at the ends by buckles. It is best to pair monk straps with semi-formal attires featuring blazers, tweeds, or suits. When it is a question of striking a balance between casual and formal, it is monk strap shoes for the win.

History Of Monk Strap Shoes

Men's Monk Strap Shoes | Vegan Monk Straps for Men | Ethik

These now-popular shoes find their origin in 15th-century Europe. They were essentially designed for the men working in monasteries. A closed-toe version of their sandals was the need of the hour for added protection while doing manual labor. Owing to their obvious charm, shoes with strap and buckle fastenings made their way into the world of footwear fashion. They started to gain popularity through the 1700s and 1800s, and the saga continued in the 1900s as well.

Factually speaking, the monk strap shoe appeared as a registered design for the first time in 1901. History states that in the 1920s, the monk straps became an accessory reserved for the elite. The monk strap style received a warmer welcome in the 20th century, and midway through it, they become one of the most sought-after footwear fashion choices.

Luxury brands across the globe are now adding a modern touch to the traditional monk straps by exploring new-age sustainable materials, eye-catching colors, and impressive patterns. A sleek pair of monk strap shoes is a must-have on the shelf of every man who enjoys making heads turn each time they step into a room. Let’s take a closer look at the types of monk straps 
available for the men of the fashion realm.

Types Of Monk Strap Shoes

1. Classic:

If you are aiming for a minimal look, this one will prove to be perfect. A classic Monk Strap shoe looks much like a plain-toe Oxford. The only detailing you will find on this shoe is the stitching between the vamp and the quarter, as well as at the heel of the shoe. This clean and subtle styling makes it the ideal choice for formal events.

2. Boots:

The Monk Strap boots can help you win the spotlight even in the middle of winter. You can pair your suits with a dapper pair of these shoes. They are a perfect blend of traditional monk strap shoes and the good ol’ boots to keep you classy as well as comfortable, despite the winter chills.

3. Casual:

You can find Monk Strap shoes out there that come in lighter or vibrant shades. Some shoes feature parts that are made of different materials; for example, rubber soles or suede construction. These new-age additions give them a casual edge. You can pair them with jeans and an oxford shirt.

4. Toe Cap:

The additional layer of material stitched over the toe gives these shoes a more sophisticated appeal. As such, a pair of toe cap shoes is reserved for more formal occasions. They are a suitable choice when it comes to office footwear.

5. Wingtip:

If there is a causal occasion around the corner like a brunch or an evening soiree, then wingtips are your best bet. They are designed to fit into a less dressy category. Wingtip shoes feature a W-shaped patch of material (with a wing-like appearance) that is stitched on top of the toe.

Single vs. Double Monk Strap Shoes

Single vs Double Monk Strap Shoes | Monk Straps for Men | Ethik

The debate of single vs. double monk strap shoes is never-ending among men who seek perfection in details. What makes the monk strap shoes unique is that they have no laces and yet make for a comfortable fit. They feature a wider tongue compared to other shoes to help secure it around the ankles.  The key difference between single and double-monk strap shoes is the number of straps used to fasten the shoe.

In comparison, single monk straps make for a more modest fit. As such, they are better suited to formal occasions, whereas the double-strap monk shoes perfectly fit into casual attires. The choice ultimately depends on personal preference.

Buy Men’s Monk Strap Shoes Online - Shop With Ethik

Men's Monk Strap Shoes | Vegan Shoes | Ethik

If you are looking to buy men’s monk strap shoes online, Ethik is where you will find them. We are a brand that promotes the ‘style coupled with comfort’ trend. With durable material that is animal-cruelty free, our fine pair of non-leather shoes (slip-on and lace-up) are breathable, lightweight, as well as sturdy. What sets our shoes apart are the sleek designs, iconic styles, intricate patterns, and precise linings. Here is a quick look at our Monk Strap shoe collection:

1. Suave Monk:

If you are looking for something quirky and groovy, this pair is for you.

2. American Dream:

With a light tan color, matte finish, and beige sole, this pair is as stylish as it gets. 

3. Zen:

The simplicity of this double monk strap is what speaks for its subtle suaveness.

To explore our range of premium non-leather shoes and place your orders online, feel free to browse through Ethik’s website today.

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