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Derby Shoes vs. Oxford Shoes: Know The Differences

In matters of footwear, today the men of the fashion world are just as spoilt for choice as the women with impressive options ranging from casual to classy, dapper to groovy, and pleasantly plain to intricately patterned. Even for strictly formal occasions, there is a host of dress shoe options for them to choose from, each one designed to help them make lasting first impressions.

The battle of Derby shoes vs. Oxford shoes is a long-standing one given that they are two of the most sought-after choices for formal settings. In this blog, we will explore the key differences between Derby shoes and Oxford shoes to determine which one takes the cake. 

Differences Between Derby Shoes & Oxford Shoes

The key difference between the two types is that oxford shoes feature a closed lace design while derby shoes have open lacing. In the case of Oxford shoes, the lacing piece is stitched frontally to the vamp piece. With Derby shoes, the lacing piece is not stitched frontally to the vamp piece. Most pairs have a vamp piece that stretches to the tongue piece.

Much like loafers, derbies are a less formal option as compared to oxfords. When paired well with sharp suits, they can serve the role of dress shoes perfectly well. Since derbies fall at the far end of the list of formal dress shoes, perhaps pairing them with a tuxedo is not the best idea; especially if you are planning to attend a grand black-tie event.

The best part about derbies is that they are a great match for outfits featuring jeans and shirts as well. This way you have got a pair handy for semi-formal occasions as well as a more relaxed look for weekend getaways. Derby shoes allow people with wider or narrower feet to fit better as the lacing pieces allow more possibilities to find the proper tightening.

A classic example of dress shoes is a pair of oxfords. Be it a tuxedo or a simple suit, oxfords are perfect for dressy codes. What sets it apart is its closed-throat construction. Here, the material around the laces meets at the base and stretches down your instep and toward the toe.

Oxford shoes do not feature Apron toes or Moc toes. They are categorized based on whether they have a toe cap or not. Plain-toe oxfords (shoes with no toe caps) are more popular than cap-toe oxfords (shoes that have a distinct piece of material stitched on the toe area).

The winning choice ultimately depends on personal preference as well as the nature and grandeur of the event. Both oxfords and derbies are a perfect fit for formal attires. However, they can be paired with jeans as well; shoe pairs with broguing will give them a more casual appeal. To best deal with the dilemma of choosing between the two shoe types, let’s take a look at how to style them. 

How To Style Your Derbies & Oxfords

Aristo | Oxfords | Vegan Shoes | Ethik

When it comes to assembling formal attires that spell finesse, black and brown oxfords take the crown. Some outfit styles call for a pair of black shoes to achieve perfection, while a brown pair can do more justice to others. The ones who like to play it safe naturally turn to black shoes as they go well with almost every outfit. However, brown oxfords can help you make a style statement just as powerful.

Fact remains that black Oxford shoes are the obvious choice for a classic suit attire. However, they can prove to be less versatile when it comes to semi-formal occasions. This is where brown oxfords come to the rescue. They are less formal but can still go well with a suit. Two simple tricks can come in handy here - the first one is that the darker is your suit, the darker should be your brown shoes. The second thing to remember is to make your belt match the color of your shoes.

Happy Go Lucky | Derby | Vegan Shoes | Ethik

Owing to their versatility, Derby shoes fit effortlessly into multiple attires, both casual and formal. They are the perfect choice for business casual outfits where they have to be paired with jeans or chinos and a simple shirt, minus the blazer or the jacket. Much like brown oxfords, it is important to match the color of the belt with the shade of the derby shoes.

Shop Online with Ethik - Men’s Derby & Oxford Shoes

If you have a formal or a semi-casual event to attend and are looking to buy Derby shoes online or buy Oxford shoes online, Ethik is where you will find the finer of the finest. Dress shoes by Ethik have better structural integrity than leather. Built with sheer effort and a keen eye for each detail, every shoe is a marvel to behold.

Our shoes are checked and quality controlled thoroughly so that anything that lacks a solid foundation is discarded. They are polished to the most effective industry levels and therefore retain their color and glaze for a very long time, in addition to being water and dust-resistant. Here are some of the most popular choices from our non-leather formal shoe collection: 

Top 3 Derby Shoes By Ethik 

Happy Go Lucky | Derby | Vegan Shoes | Ethik

1. Prince Offbeat - Light Blue

With elaborate detailing, a fantastic lining, and a mid-vamp, this one is a definite showstopper.

2. Happy Go Lucky: 

Delicately designed and decorated in the classiest way possible, this one is your go-to Derby shoe

3. The Recreation

With this pair sitting proudly on your shelf, you get the best of both worlds - casual as well as classy. 

Top 3 Oxford Shoes By Ethik 

Out of Blu | Vegan Oxfords | Ethik

1. Out Of The Blue:

This navy blue, whole-cut oxford is decorative enough to any and every event successful by itself. 

2.The Duke:

Featuring a matt as well as a glossy finish, this one is a must-have stylish lace-up, whole-cut oxford.


This dark tan oxford with a beige sole is the perfect blend of style and charisma; perfect for parties.

Browse through our website to select from an impressive range of premium non-leather dress shoes - all available in diverse colors and impressive styles. 

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