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Best Wallets For Men: How Much Value Do They Hold?

Wallets - compact accessories that have the potential to accommodate multiple items including cash, credit and debit cards, ID proofs, business cards, health-related documents, spare keys, and of course tiny photographs of our loved ones tucked safely as little reminders of what true happiness is. A wallet is something that comes in handy every day; it is the ultimate facilitator of most of our daily activities. Let’s take a quick look at the origin of this must-have accessory.

The journey of these humble holders can be traced back to the 1600s after the paper currency was invented in Massachusetts in 1690. This led to the downfall of then-popular coin purses and the rise of wallets. The first pieces were made of cow or horse leather and included a small pouch for ID cards. Since then, wallets have come a long way. When you look in the right places today, you will find the absolute best wallets for men born out of cruelty-free materials, all in iconic styles, a wide range of colors, and impressive patterns.

In today’s modernized world, wallets are not just a need but a want. It is a vast sector fueled by fashion and innovation. The wallets market share is expected to increase by USD 8.78 billion by the year 2026, at a CAGR of 8.87%. This rising demand is a result of the long list of benefits of wallets, and the fact that they have served us well for centuries, and will continue to do so in the future. Let’s look at some key advantages that vouch for the growing importance of wallets.

4 Reasons Why One Should Own A Wallet

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1. Makes For Easy Organization:

Today, we have cards for everything - Credit/Debit Cards, Smart Card, Pan Card, Licenses, Company/Student IDs, Membership Cards, and the list goes on. Thankfully, today’s wallets are built for it all. The right one will have enough room for multiple items like cash, bills, and spare keys, apart from cards.

Moreover, compartments in modern-day wallets are designed strategically in a way that each item has a dedicated space - cash compartments, card slots, coin pouches, money clips, etc. Wallets or Cardholders featuring multiple compartments make for better organization and last you longer as there is less stuffing of items.

2. Safe Space For Your Valuables:

We now live in a world where massive transactions can happen in a single card swipe. Other important types of cards contain personal data when it comes to memberships, IDs, and licenses. As wise as it is to keep the cards safely at home, it is not quite practical. In a fast-paced way of life, these cards have to be ready. As such, it is ideal to keep them on you, but securely so.

In thoughtfully-designed wallets, you will find that the divider placement is such that each item can sit comfortably, yet firmly in a slot. While the cards are easily accessible, the firm hold keeps them from slipping out of slots, unless one shakes the wallet with the intention to do so. Placing two cards in a slot also raises the risk of losing one card when you pull the required one out in a rushed manner. The several compartments ensure that you do not have to stuff two cards or items in a single divider.

In addition, new-age wallets come with impressive features that bring your belongings extra safely. There are quality wallets out there that are designed to be water-resistant and stain-resistant. No matter the weather conditions, they provide your items with maximum safety. The ones that are made out of premium material can also tolerate minimal friction without compromising on durability.

3. Serves As A Fashion Element:

Wallets have evolved from being a functional accessory to a fashion element. The looks, the function, the build, and the material - everything matters when it comes to accessories like wallets. Matching your wallet with your formal outfits can contribute to making great first impressions in corporate settings.

Considering your wallet while styling the outfit can speak volumes of your attention to detail, as well as your ability to maintain consistency even when it comes to small yet significant things like a wallet. You can select the right wallet based on the color of your clothing, shoes, or other accessories you have chosen for the attire like belts and ties.

4. Keeps Your Pockets From Bulging:

Yes, pockets can accommodate your belongings as well. However, the more you will stuff them, the more they will bulge. No matter how much thought you put into the attire, this noticeable and uneven bump caused by stuff posted will steal the spotlight, and not in a good way.

To keep this bulge at bay, you can select from a range of slimmer wallets that can accommodate multiple cards and cash, while also sliding into your pockets with much ease. These are ideal for when you are wearing custom-made suits or pants that make for a perfect fit.

Best Wallets For Men Online

If you are looking for men’s wallets online in India that are worth every penny, shop with Ethik. We are home to an exclusive collection of wallets made from material that is vegan, eco-friendly & sustainable. Ethically made, our plant-based wallets outperform most qualities that your average leather wallet offers.

They are the perfect blend of nature & design - incredibly functional, high on utility, produced in attractive colors & look drop-dead gorgeous. Thoughtfully and intricately crafted with a grainy texture, they come with hand-aligned pockets, making for easy organization.

Each one is finished with a hand-turned edge for extra durability, while also maintaining its lightweight feature. Our products come in an impressive range of colors and patterns as well - black, rustic brown, python, navy blue, clay, dusk blue, and more.

Browse through our curated collection of non-leather wallets and card holders, take your pick, and place your order online. The sustainable yet stylish Ethik product will be delivered to your door, safely!

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