Everything You Should Know About Vegan Shoes

Everything You Should Know About Vegan Shoes

Vegan shoes are likely to be the go-to footwear choice for all concerned and aware citizens of the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a vegan or not. Just like you don’t have to be a lawyer to do your part in making the world a more just place, you don’t have to be a vegan to make the world more cruelty-free and better in general.

The arguments surrounding the use of vegan shoes involve the problem of leather usage. A lot of green lands are cleared daily just to make the space for farming animals that would give good-quality leather.

The chemicals used to tan or chemically treat the animal hides to fashion them into usable leather are harmful to nature as well. The energy required to feed these animals; these chemicals making the water carcinogenic; waste production as a result of farming these animals - which significantly contributes to global warming; and the deforestation to turn green land into pastures – this is how leather single-handedly makes the environment a worse place to live for us, and to leave for our future generations. All in the name of fashion and looks.

There’s a better alternative to leather footwear. Vegan shoes are cruelty-free and devoid of all the negative implications of farming animals for leather production. If we make a steady switch to vegan fashion, we can make the world less toxic and polluted, allowing it to heal better.

And what’s more – vegan shoes also don’t have marks on them, something that’s coveted by proponents of leather fashion. Leather marks are a cause of barbed wires, pitchfork injuries, scars, wrinkles, diseases, warts, scratches, insect bites, slaughtering damage, and creases that the animals inherit while growing up on a farm.

What is a Vegan Shoe?

Let’s talk about vegan shoes meaning. A vegan shoe is an alternative to a leather shoe. It’s made using material that’s cruelty-free, yet high-quality enough to be used regularly. Modern vegan shoes are equally, if not more, durable, comfortable, and flexible. They’re also more colorful, stylish, and breathable. Additional qualities include dust resistance, waterproofing, etc.
As vegan shoes are designed and engineered in labs, there’s a better scope of delivering additional qualities that leather can never have.

Answers to common vegan shoe questions

What are vegan shoes made of?

They can be made of a variety of materials. A vegan shoe brand’s priority is to settle on a material to work around. Some go for quality and style, while others go for eco-friendliness and sustainability.

For example, some vegan shoes are made out of ethically sourced cotton, some use microfiber or vegan suede, whereas others might use materials such as EVA, rubber, plastics, synthetic fabrics like polyester, faux leather, and even renewables such as cork, jute, and bamboo.

Are vegan shoes durable?

Yes! Though not every vegan shoe is created using the same techniques.

As mentioned earlier, there’s no single material that’s used across the board in manufacturing vegan footwear. The strength (among other key qualities) changes depending on the material.

It’s a no-brainer, really, that a bamboo-based vegan shoe won’t be nearly as durable and sturdy as a microfiber-based one – which can be stronger than leather even.

Are vegan shoes sustainable?

Again, it depends on which vegan shoe you’re talking about. Some are sustainable, some are not. Another way in which a vegan shoe brand can offset its carbon footprint is to make a closed-loop service where consumers send their used pairs back when they’re done with them, or by using recycled material.

All this is already happening. It’s safe to say that no matter which type of material is used in your preferred vegan shoes, it’s more sustainable than farming for leather.

Why buy vegan shoes?

An ever-increasing number of people are already shifting to vegan footwear. The reasons are simple. Vegan shoes provide similar levels of comfort, style, and durability without harming a single animal being. Do you also want to wear something that feels more ethical? Vegan shoes are the way to go.

What are the best quality vegan shoes?

Well, the “best” actually means the “best for you.” It’s a subjective thing. There’s no definitive answer to “which is the best quality vegan shoe?” The best quality vegan shoes are the ones that fit you the best, are comfortable for you even on prolonged wearing, and are very durable.

A tad bit of window shopping is in order, perhaps, before you can settle on the perfect brand that has the best quality vegan shoes for you.

However, we can cut your research time short – see below as to how.

Ethik, an India-based fashion label for men!

Ethik is a vegan shoe brand. Guided by Ahimsa Parmo Dharma, it strives to build a leather-free world. Ethically crafted and built to last, Ethik shoes are driven by a human-centric approach which not only reflects in Ethik’s production qualities and choice of materials but also seeps into the customer service and the persistent need to perfecting products to improve customer satisfaction further.

Apart from professional craftsmanship, Ethik trumps others by the many inherent qualities built right into the material of Ethik vegan shoes. Ethik shoes are made from hybrid cruelty-free material that’s very durable, lightweight, waterproof, dust-resistant, comfortable, and breathable.

And it comes in so many amazing colors to up your fashion game while being easy on your feet. But that’s not all. Here are some additional qualities that set Ethik apart as a company:

  • PETA-approved.
  • Lab-made material.
  • Quality tested.
  • Experience of over 9 years in footwear manufacturing.
  • Similar performance to leather without all the harrowing problems.

So, want to sleep better at night? You know what to do.

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