Different Types Of Oxford Shoes For Men

Lace Up: Different Types Of Oxford Shoes For Men

When it's a matter of looking dapper at a semi-formal or strictly formal event, a fine pair of dress shoes can make all the difference; and when it comes to choosing from a classic range of dress shoe types, it is oxfords for the win. Designed to go well with a tuxedo or a simple suit, oxfords are perfect for occasions that call for subtle sophistication.

Oxford shoes feature specific characteristics. The closed-throat construction makes them one of the most sought-after choices. Here, the material around the laces meets at the base and stretches down your instep and toward the toe. Despite the fact they are an evolved form of high-heeled boots, Oxford shoes are known for their low heels, much like loafers.

Different Types Of Oxford Shoes For Men

The term ‘Oxford shoe’ was first used in a published review by Joseph Sparkes Hall, the shoemaker who created the Chelsea boots. Hall described the Oxford as a great shoe for walking in a review. According to a popular origin story, the shoe first made an appearance in Scotland and Ireland with cap-toe Oxfords.

During the 1700s, tight, high-fitting boots were quite a trend. In the 1800s, these high boots evolved into a half-boot (the Oxonian shoe) that was popular among Oxford University students. These boots were known to have side slits, making them more comfortable to walk the campus. Finally, the half-boots evolved into the Oxford shoe. Over time, the slits were replaced with laces. The ankle and the heel were lowered for more exposure, leading to the creation of the Oxford shoe as we know it today.

Oxfords are now available in many iconic styles, ranging from formal to semi-casual. They also feature diverse materials, textures, and patterns. While each Oxford pair has a charm of its own, the pairs are generally categorized into three main styles based on toe styling - cap toe, wingtip, and plain toe. In this blog, we will explore the different Oxford shoe types and the characteristics that make these formal pairs an obvious choice for formal occasions.

5 Different Types Of Oxford Shoes

1. Classic:

Among all types of oxfords, this one is styled more formally. It features minimal detailing and no cap on the toe, hence the name - ‘Plain-toe Oxfords’. They are designed to be a perfect fit for strictly formal dress codes and pair well with dark-colored suits and tuxedos.

2. Cap-toe:

These Oxford shoes are known for featuring a distinct piece of material stitched on the toe area. This material over the toe box creates a ‘cap’ at the front end of the shoe, giving them the name - Cap-toe Oxfords. The shoes feature a seam across the toe as well. They can be paired with office attire like chinos and a blazer. For smart casual events, it is cap-toe oxfords to the rescue.

3. Wingtip:

Wingtip Oxford shoes are not as formal as the other Oxford shoe types. These oxfords are a popular choice for semi-casual occasions as well. They are also referred to as brogue Oxfords owing to the decorative perforations. These Oxford shoes feature wingtips that extend along the side of the shoe. The wingtips are followed by a pointed toe cap with an M or W shape.

4. Whole-cut:

As the name suggests, Whole-cut oxfords are made from single-cut material. These shoes have very minimal styling, making them a great choice for both formal and casual occasions.

5. Saddle:

Saddle Oxfords feature a plain toe and a saddle-shaped strip of a distinct material across the middle of the shoe body. These two-tone shoes are known for featuring contrasting colors, often black and white. These Oxfords pairs were popular during the 1950s as a significant part of school attire, especially worn for athletic purposes.

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5 Popular Oxford Shoes By Ethik

1. Out Of The Blue:

Out of Blu | Different Types Of Oxford Shoes For Men

This navy blue, whole-cut oxford with a suede finish is decorative enough to any and every event successful by itself.

2. The Duke:

Featuring a matt as well as a glossy finish, this tan brown whole-cut oxford pair is a must-have stylish lace-up.

3. Aristo:

Different Types Of Oxford Shoes For Men

This dark tan oxford with a beige sole and a spray finish is the perfect blend of style and charisma; perfect for parties.

4. The King Maker:

Stylish yet comfortable, this classic whole-cut black oxford pair with a pebble emboss is the best of both worlds.

5. Chauvinist:

Chauvinist | Different Types Of Oxford Shoes For Men

With a patent black matte finish and a beige sole, this Oxford pair is designed to be a fantastic blend of comfort, style, and class.

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